The goal of the Greater Atlanta Pollinator Partnership (GAPP) is to create and restore viable pollinator habitats around Atlanta for butterflies, bees, moths, bats, hummingbirds, and other beneficial insects and animals.

GAPP estimates that there are nearly 1.2 million acres of potential pollinator habitat within a 25 mile radius of downtown Atlanta. We need your help to create and restore these spaces into great pollinator gardens.

With the involvement of program partners and hundreds of thousands of Georgia’s citizens, we can help to spread the word about pollinators, pollinator conservation, and pollinator gardens in Atlanta.

Ultimately, the success of the program depends on your response to our call for action! Learn how to start your pollinator garden here.

Already have a pollinator garden established? Then head over here to register your green space on our “GAPP map” and become part of the GAPP team!

Remember this will involve local Atlanta communities, elementary schools, public gardens and parks, local businesses, and most importantly, YOU!
So get buzzing and start your pollinator garden today!