More Than Just Honeybees!

When people think of pollinators, they generally think of bees, and when people think of bees they typically think of honeybees! This is because they are the most well-known and most studied species of bee. However in the Unites States alone there are over 5000 species of native bees that help pollinate crops and wildflowers.

It is true that both native and introduced species of bees do the lion’s share of pollination duties. Along with butterflies, birds, flies, beetles, bats and others, they are crucial to the pollinator landscape.

This is why Nature, an international journal of science has produced a special free access supplement named Nature Outlook: Bees. This feature includes discussions on neonicotinoid pesticide uses and problems, a feature on honeybee behaviors and life cycles and an interesting story on a biological-inspired design involving bee flight and aerodynamics.

To read the articles featured in this supplement click here.

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