“Pollinator Pockets”. Going small for big rewards!

GAPP promotes the implementation of pollinator gardens in metro Atlanta. Each garden, big or small, is an important part of a pollinator corridor that stretches across the urban landscape, connecting pollinators to areas of forage and nesting.

What some people don’t realize is that small gardens or “pollinator pockets” are an important part of the greenway corridor.

They provide small links in between bigger green spaces.

A very efficient pollinator garden can be scaled for apartment living, pot gardening, or smaller balcony landscapes.

Smaller scale gardens provide a cumulative effect when linked within neighborhoods, and become an effective broadscale greenspace when viewed as a whole. Community involvement and neighborhood gardens are a great way to increase available pollinator habitat within the Atlanta pollinator corridor

See this article here for the benefits and importance of “pollinator pockets”

If you and your community are interesting in starting a neighborhood GAPP initiative, please visit here and click on “neighborhoods”

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