Pollinator Garden Design Workshop

The Atlanta Botanical Garden (ABG) and Park Pride (PP), through the Home Depot Foundation (HDF) grant program Building Community Network (BCN), designed a Pollinators in Parks Pilot Program. The objective is to increase the presence and impact of pollinators gardens in five Atlanta parks with active community support and involvement.

This program will provide an opportunity by building awareness of pollinator ecology through the planning, design, and installation of the five pollinator gardens at Welch Street Community Garden, Four Corners Community Garden, Grove Park Community Garden, Gilliam Park Community Garden, and Blue Heron Community garden.

On February 4th as part of the Pollinators in Parks Pilot Program, we had our first workshop at the Atlanta Botanical Garden in coordination with Park Pride Visioning team, and it was a total success!


Welch Street Community Garden attendees


Gilliam Park Community Garden attendees








Participants were interested and enthusiastic learning about some of the essential insect pollinators they will be supporting in their gardens! Likewise, participants learned about designing their own pollinator gardens, choosing native plants that are important for insect pollinators.


Blue Heron Community Garden attendees & Pollinator Garden Coordinator at ABG



Grove Park Community Garden attendee, Park Pride Visioning team (standing over) & Urban Greenscapes Coordinator









Pollinator Gardens are vital to support wildlife in an urban environment. They attract and sustain animal pollinators like bees, butterflies, flies, wasps and birds, connect with the community through active involvement, and have economic benefits too. This project will employ graduates of the Greening Youth Foundation’s Agriculture Entrepreneurship Program who have launched a new business, Urban Greenscapes LLC.

This is just one step of many we will be taking this year to successfully establish these five pollinator gardens in the Atlanta Metro Area.  We will keep you posted about this exciting project and how this urban gardens will be adding more plant diversity for insect pollinators in Atlanta.

Four Corners Community Garden attendees & Pollinator Garden Coordinator


Jenny Cruse-Sanders who will be starting a new job, we will miss you so much!













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Melina Lozano Durán

Pollinator Restoration Coordinator at the Atlanta Botanical Garden
Agroecologist and Native Bee Specialist