New Pollinator Gardens in Metro Atlanta!

Park Pride and the Atlanta Botanical Garden, thanks to the Building Community Network initiative by the Home Depot Foundation, installed five pollinator gardens at five well-established community gardens with active community involvement and support. Furthermore, thanks to this grant we were able to hire Urban GreenScapes a Greening Youth Foundation interns new business enterprise.

Grove Park Community Garden and Gilliam Park Community Garden were installed April 9, in February we hosted a Pollinator Garden design workshop, then PP presented the garden designs to the City of Atlanta for approval.

We present a series of photographies so you can see each garden’s transformation!

Grove Park Community Garden first visit, you can see at the distance where the tiny figure of Betty Hanacek  is located, behind her was the future home of the pollinator garden
Urban Greenscapes at Grove Park Community Garden from Left to right  Malik, Rashaad Tillery (Coordinator), Haneef & Michael
Plants arranged according to Garden design before planting
Grove Park Community gardeners, volunteers, and Park Pride Visioning Team
Butterfly weed, narrow leave sunflower, Indian blanket, slender beardtongue, blue-eyed grass, Georgia aster, rough goldenrod, etc. Are just some of the native plants that will be supporting bees, butterflies, birds and other insects at Grove Park Community Garden
Gilliam Park Community Garden, first visit
Pollinator Garden installation finished at Gilliam Park Community Garden! Poke milkweed, false indigo, Indian blanket, coral honeysuckle, texas sage, narrow-leaved sunflower are just some of the pollinator plants that will be supporting pollinator at this area.

Park Pride Visioning Team and Atlanta Botanical Garden Pollinator Garden Coordinator, divided and conquered on both dates, so the gardens could be planted simultaneously. Thanks to each garden community support and volunteers we evaded the heat and had the plants in the ground in record time!


Blue Heron Community Garden designated area for Pollinator Garden and it’s transformation
Park Pride Visioning Team and Four Corners Coordinator Chris Lemons standing where the future pollinator garden would be build
Four Corners Pollinator Garden honoring the garden’s name

Each garden passed for the same process, a scouting visit, plan designs with the gardeners, once designs were approved we organized the working plans with Urban Greenscapes (prepping sites, tilling soil, edging on three gardens and fencing and edging at Four Corners, pick up and plant delivery, and Summer maintenance)

Welch Street Community Garden, seeing from the Street before Pollinator Garden was installed
Planting day, several volunteers and visitors after garden was finished


Welch Street Community Garden, above photo shows one side of the Pollinator garden, this photograph shows the other part. Pollinator Garden was divided into two areas, facing the entrance.

We would be updating you about the five Pollinator Gardens, and showing photographs of the blooming succession, each garden has plants that would bloom on the different seasons to help all pollinators through the year. Stay tuned!

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Melina Lozano Durán

Pollinator Restoration Coordinator at the Atlanta Botanical Garden
Agroecologist and Native Bee Specialist