Resources and planting guides

Since there is an overwhelming amount of species that can be included in your garden we have spotlighted some specific species here.  Some helpful resources are also listed below.

Remember when accessing any plant species list you should always consider the three:
                           Go native! Be diverse! and Be informed!

1. Commercially available, native species in Georgia from the wildflower society

2. A helpful guide to all sorts of plants, native and non, for pollinator gardens in the southeast from the Xerces Society

3. A complete list of recommended plants (native and non native) for your pollinator garden via the pollinator partnership website. Track your eco-region via zip code here. For a list of plants relevant to the 30316 zip code click here.

4. Native plant list for Georgia, given by the University of Georgia. This list is not specifically targeted to “pollinator” species but is still a good resource. For wildflowers click here, for trees, shrubs, and woody vines click here, and for ferns click here.

4. Find Georgia host plants for butterflies and moths from the Georgia wildlife federation. This list has a strong focus on natives but includes ornamentals and others too.

5. Georgia’s native milk weeds

6. The ultimate guide to attracting native bees by