STEM Events at Pollinator Gardens

This year has had so many exciting projects and one of them ‘Pollinators in Parks’ – in collaboration with Park Pride and supported by the Home Depot Foundation, has been educational and environmentally conscious. As you might remember, 5 pollinator gardens where built in five different community gardens across Atlanta. Two of the five pollinator gardens […]

Georgia Power for Pollinators

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Deborah Harris and Atlanta Botanical Garden Pollinator Restoration Coordinator Melina Lozano Durán initiated a partnership last summer with Georgia Power ISA Certified Arborist Utility Specialist Kym Stephens and Wildlife Biologist Jim Ozier to create a pollinator habitat on a power line right-of-way.  Georgia Power proposed a project at Morgan Falls Park.  […]

Pollinator Conservation through grassland restoration at Panola Mt

  The Conservation and Research Department at the Atlanta Botanical Garden has been working with partners and other organizations for more than 20 years, in restoring habitats, conducting research on endangered plant species, and ways to reproduce and establish them into their natural habitat. Panola Mountain State Park is just one of many partners who has […]

Measuring pollinator diversity at urban parks.

Pollinator gardens are an important addition to urban landscapes as they provide a green-way corridor that connects pollinators to their habitats. Two of Atlanta’s newest urban parks; Lindsay Street Park and Vine City Park have  recently had pollinator gardens designed and installed by the Atlanta Botanical Garden. These parks not only give a place for pollinators to rest […]

Urban pollinator parks – Vine City Park.

Standing in the shadow of Mercedez Benz Stadium in Atlanta is the newly renovated Vine City Park. A greenspace project for the Vine City community, planned and constructed by the Conservation fund, Park Pride, City of Atlanta, Invest Atlanta, The Arthur Blank Foundation, Atlanta Botanical Garden and many other volunteers and organizations. Almost 10 years in the making this space […]

Pollination with a purpose. Lindsay Street Park

Lindsay Street Park has had quite a transformation. This is the first park in English Avenue, a historic Atlanta neighborhood which is currently undergoing a large number of innovative community projects to revitalize the area. The renovation of the park was led by the Conservation Fund, with help from partners Trees Atlanta, Park Pride,  Atlanta Botanical Gardens, members of […]