• Home Gardeners

    Increases in urban infrastructure over the last ten years has led to a loss of  over 200,000 acres of potential greenspace  in Atlanta.   Home gardens are an integral part of pollinator conservation in Atlanta. Each garden becomes an important part of a pollinator corridor that stretches across the urban landscape, connecting pollinators to areas of […]

  • Neighborhoods

    Neighborhood-centric Atlanta is the perfect urban model for community based pollinator conservation Atlanta is a city of neighborhoods, each with its own unique personality. A pollinator garden can help to cultivate and grow a neighborhood’s identity and create community involvement. Community gardens also create a meeting place and enhance aesthetic appeal. Neighborhood pollinator gardens can […]

  • Students and Teachers

    GAPP is committed to supporting educators and teaching students of all ages about pollination education. GAPP is committed to the creation of a conservation community. This community begins with developing programs that support educators. The program provides three ways for students and teachers to interact with the Greater Atlanta Pollinator Partnership program. We engage students through hands-on […]


Recent Posts

GAPP at the X Mesoamerican Conference on Native Bees

The tenth Mesoamerican Conference on Native Bees was held at the Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala. The Conference was organized by the University of San Carlos of Guatemala (USAC) and the Center for Conservation Studies (CECON) which is a scientific research institute of USAC.   The conference was divided into two parts: three days of classes and […]

STEM Events at Pollinator Gardens

This year has had so many exciting projects and one of them ‘Pollinators in Parks’ – in collaboration with Park Pride and supported by the Home Depot Foundation, has been educational and environmentally conscious. As you might remember, 5 pollinator gardens where built in five different community gardens across Atlanta. Two of the five pollinator gardens […]

Georgia Power for Pollinators

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Deborah Harris and Atlanta Botanical Garden Pollinator Restoration Coordinator Melina Lozano Durán initiated a partnership last summer with Georgia Power ISA Certified Arborist Utility Specialist Kym Stephens and Wildlife Biologist Jim Ozier to create a pollinator habitat on a power line right-of-way.  Georgia Power proposed a project at Morgan Falls Park.  […]

Butterfly State record count at Panola Mountain State Park

The Monastery of the Holy Spirit, Davidson-Arabia Mountain, Panola Mountain Butterfly Count through North American Butterfly Association- NABA took place August 10, 2017. These three areas are part of the Region 16 – South Atlantic that encompasses Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. The Panola Mountain State Park team had a party of four which included Dave […]

Bee City Atlanta & GAPP in the news

Recently in the pollinator world in Atlanta, we have two news stories to share with you. The Major’s Office of Resilience Urban Agriculture Director Mario Cambardella and his team organized a total of seven community meetings with 60+ community members and other Institutions. These included the Atlanta Botanical Garden, Zoo Atlanta, Captain Planet Foundation, the Atlanta Community […]

Monarch Citizen Science Training

On Saturday, May 6, 2017, the Atlanta Botanical Garden Pollinator Garden Coordinator, with funding from US-FWS Biologist Deborah Harris, organized all pollinator gardens to participate in a Monarch Citizen Science Training. The workshop was held at the Urban Conservation Training Institute, part of the Greening Youth Foundation, thanks to Site Manager Whitney C. Jaye who […]

Pollinator Conservation through grassland restoration at Panola Mt

  The Conservation and Research Department at the Atlanta Botanical Garden has been working with partners and other organizations for more than 20 years, in restoring habitats, conducting research on endangered plant species, and ways to reproduce and establish them into their natural habitat. Panola Mountain State Park is just one of many partners who has […]

New Pollinator Gardens in Metro Atlanta!

Park Pride and the Atlanta Botanical Garden, thanks to the Building Community Network initiative by the Home Depot Foundation, installed five pollinator gardens at five well-established community gardens with active community involvement and support. Furthermore, thanks to this grant we were able to hire Urban GreenScapes a Greening Youth Foundation interns new business enterprise. Grove Park Community […]

Managing Pollinator Gardens for nesting native bees-Part 1

There was a recent discussion about managing pith/stem nesting bees on the Beemonitoring Yahoo group, established by Sam Droege (USGS-Patuxent Wildlife Research Center). By now we know that of the 5,000 native bees in the country (approximately, some have not been identified yet), 30% build their nest in hollow tunnels. This behavior can occur inside […]