Home Gardeners

Increases in urban infrastructure over the last ten years has led to a loss of  over 200,000 acres of potential greenspace  in Atlanta.  

Home gardens are an integral part of pollinator conservation in Atlanta. Each garden becomes an important part of a pollinator corridor that stretches across the urban landscape, connecting pollinators to areas of forage and nesting.

This corridor also provides a greenway map of gardens for migrating birds, butterflies and bats. Creating a pollinator green space in your home is easy and can be done by simply adding a few specific elements to your existing garden.

Pollinator gardens are sustainable, and inexpensive to create and maintain, and they can be scaled to be suitable for apartments and smaller green spaces.

Visit these pages for a few ideas for your pollinator garden, and become a part of the Atlanta pollinator pathway by mapping your garden on the GAPP MAP

Pollinator garden basics

What do I Plant?

Atlanta’s top ten pollinator species

How do I add nesting elements to my garden?