Grades 7-12

• Let students explore the world of pollinators through a camera lens. Start a photo competition or set a photo assignment. See this example from Pollinator partnership


Pollination (Photo credit: achal_k)

• Learn all about Monarch butterflies with these classroom activities from the US forest service.

• Watch this “ted talk” with award winning cinematographer Louie Schwartzberg for a look into the beautiful world of pollination.

• Listen to some of these fascinating podcasts from a series focused on pollination by the US Fish and Wildlife Services. Subjects include monarch migration, building a pollination garden, native bees, and endangered butterflies and plants.

Megachile on sunflower

Megachile on sunflower (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

• Plant dissection, plant biology and pollination from Discovery education.

• University of Oxford Professor Tim Walker lecture on biological pollination.

• Watch the “Bring back the pollinators” lecture given by Scott Black the executive director of the Xerces society at Cornell University.

•Guess the pollinator; a lesson from the partnership for research in science and mathematics.