Volunteer and help monitor Monarchs!

Monarch butterflies are a keystone pollinator species, and their larvae can be found on native milkweed species in many GAPP pollinator gardens during spring and summer. Monarch Health is a citizen science program run by Dr. Sonia Altizer in the Odum School of Ecology at the University of Georgia. It is targeted toward understanding host-parasite interactions in … More Volunteer and help monitor Monarchs!

Citizen Science: How to Get Involved

There are other ways to get involved helping out your native pollinators besides providing them with habitat. You can also assist them by helping scientists!  Researchers are studying pollinators to learn more about their foraging, nesting behaviors, cleptoparasitic behaviors, overwintering, etc. and they can use this knowledge to help conserve and protect pollinator species. It takes … More Citizen Science: How to Get Involved

Bat conservation project

Join the league of volunteers who help collect scientific data for conservation projects across Georgia. The state is currently looking for volunteers to help with a national bat acoustic program run by The Georgia Departartment of Natural Resources wildlife division. The project requires you to monitor bat populations twice a year with an acoustic tool … More Bat conservation project